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Project title

Reversing under-five child malnutrition:

Multidisciplinary innovations to improve free-range chicken production and consumption.

About the project

Local/free range chicken provide one of the best opportunities for increasing household income and for providing nutritious healthy options especially for children and mothers in Uganda’s rural areas, where farming is mostly intensive and small in scale. Moreover, households in the lower socioeconomic status can also rear local/free range chicken with relative ease. And yet every year diseases that are preventable through immunization wipe out entire flocks of local free range chicken. This pilot project brings together a multidisciplinary and local duty bearers to train community level extension persons regarding how improve the production of free range chicken, to address gendered ownership, access and control of free range chicken and products, and to improve household income from free range chicken in Buyengo Parish, Busia District.

Project partners

Uganda Technology and
Management University

Busia District Local